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    Video: Amazing Aerial View of Annual Whitewater Kayaking Race on the Green River

    It’s the DIY race of kayaking races. Leland Davis, a local kayaker, founded The Green River Narrows Race in 1996 with only 16 kayakers participating. By 2010, 136 had signed on to a race that has come to be a chance for competitors to beat their personal best score every year and walk away with some bragging rights. The event is always free and always begins at noon on the first Saturday of November. The top prize is a piece of glass donated by Todd Grafe.

    Thousands of spectators come to the event on the Green River and many stick around for the after party. Check out the video below as it follows kayakers on the river in Saluda, North Carolina. Filmed using a camera mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle, the makers of the film, Yonder Blue Films, focus on highlights of the race. This year, Mike Dawson won the race in a 12′ 5″ Liquidlogic Stinger kayak.

    Green Race Whitewater Kayaking Aerials from Yonder Blue Films on Vimeo.

    Image screenshot of video by Yonder Blue Films on vimeo

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