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    Wave Sport Recon 83 CORE WhiteOut Outfitting Now Available

    Wave Sport, the long-time leader in all things whitewater, this week announces the release of their new 2013 whitewater offerings – the Recon 83 and the CORE WhiteOut Outfitting System.  The brand steps up its big water game for the upcoming season with the safety conscious, confidence-building, and comfort enhancing dynamic duo – the new creeker, Recon, with CORE WhiteOut Outfitting System. Wave Sport’s hottest new combo will allow hard-core paddlers to take their skills to the next level in style.

    Wave Sport Recon: Wave Sport’s all-new Recon will get paddlers down the river safely while performing at the highest levels of creeking, river trekking, and class IV-V+ boating. The Recon will make boundary pushing safer, enhancing paddler confidence and skill sets.

    The continuous rocker profile combined with the unique distribution of volume makes the Recon very fast and easy to boof. The unique volume in the bow and its pronounced, upswept shape make the Recon resurface and unload water quickly when blasting through holes, while the domed stern deck minimizes back-ending in holes and drops. The location of the full stern chine combined with the generous side wall flare provides superb secondary stability and substantial control when carving, moving across a current, or tracking.

    The Recon is also equipped with seven points of rescue to provide maximum opportunities for safety. The new arched bow and stern soft grip handles provide an ergonomic fit for comfortable carrying (even in cold weather). The new handles sit higher on the boat for greater accessibility in a rescue situation and there are no scoop outs to hinder water shedding. The Recon is equipped with Wave Sport’s all new outfitting system offering highly adjustable seating for greater comfort and a safer bulkhead system to reduce the risk of entrapment. This boat’s aesthetic features include a very distinctive, high buff polish with a matte texture finish.

    The Recon was designed for intermediate and advanced paddlers who want best-in-class performance and maximum safety features while enjoying both multi-day river trips and tackling class IV & V+ rapids. The Recon 83 is available now, with additional sizes hitting retail markets at a later date. The 93 will be available January 1, 2013, and the 70 will drop May 15, 2013.

    Wave Sport CORE WhiteOut Outfitting System: Taking safety, comfort and adjustability to the next level, the now-available 2013 CORE WhiteOut Outfitting System combines Wave Sport’s stylish, marine vinyl white pads with the most innovative outfitting technology today.

    Safety features such as a reinforced bulkhead footbrace system lessen the risk of foot entrapments during heavy impact. Additionally, the ratcheting leg lifter provides unparalleled adjustability for a more secure fit and easily accessible storage space, and the seating in both the play and creeker models includes fuller, more comfortable cockpit padding and several inches of fore and aft seat adjustment with an intuitive control system. Quick-release, adjustable hip pads provide additional comfort and control, and a re-engineered backband provides greater functionality and easier access to ample storage space behind the seat. Both systems have straps to secure a water bottle and multiple attachment points to secure gear.

    Available across the Wave Sport product line, our CORE WhiteOut Outfitting is more globally compatible, utilizing metric hardware. We’ve also included tethers to secure all parts that could potentially be lost and added multiple attachment points to secure gear in the ample storage areas.

    Creeker Seat

    A few features in the new CORE WhiteOut Outfitting System are unique to the creeker version. The rotomolded tank style creek seat is stiffer and more durable, making it more effective in preventing entrapment and more efficient in energy transfer from the paddler to the kayak. The step-out wall is also stiffer, more durable, and more ergonomic with an easy-grip handle. This makes shoulder carrying easier and the step-out motion safer and more efficient if required. The creeker system also has an added storage tray that increases storage space while adding additional hull structure to the boat.

    Play Seat

    Additional adjustments to the play outfitting include a refined quick-reference indexing system that allows on-the-fly adjustment and gives the paddler up to four inches of fore and aft adjustment. Also, the hull beam is welded to the kayak hull for increased durability and structural support.

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