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    Dagger Jitsu and Contour Ergo Outfitting Hit Retail

    Dagger continues to push the limits of adventure in 2013 with the new Jitsu 5.9 playboat and new whitewater outfitting, now both available in retail markets. The Jitsu freestyle kayak rounds out the Dagger line-up in a dynamic, high-performance package while the Contour Ergo Outfitting System offers advanced security features and unparalleled adjustability across the Dagger product line.

    Dagger Jitsu: Dagger brings decades of experience and team-tested, performance-proven heritage back to the playboating world in the all-new Jitsu Series, rounding out the spectrum of current, innovative designs in the Dagger brand. With a fast, loose hull and defined edges, this dynamic performance playboat is extremely capable while surfing and performing aerial moves in wave play, with volume proportions that allow the paddler to evolve skills in hole play as well.

    The Jitsu’s unique rocker profile and hull-to-rail relationship through the stern, carefully distributed centralized volume, and slicey tips make three dimensional combination moves in advancing hole play easier, while creating a seamless blend of speed, looseness, and release on waves. The double-step carving rail above the release edge also helps the boat to grip and drive on wave faces for very controlled carving. The Jitsu maintains snappy edge-to-edge transition, yet it is arguably the loosest hull on the market today.

    A solid performance-minded design, the Jitsu is suitable for all personalities and skill sets, appealing to competitors, park-and-play enthusiasts, and those who just enjoy paddling the biggest waves and sickest holes around. Out-performing competitor freestyle kayaks downriver, the Jitsu is a solid all-around choice for those who want to enjoy big waves, holes on river, and freestyle competition.

    The 5.9 size is available now for purchase, with two sizes still to come. The 6.0 will hit January 29, 2013, and the 5.5 will be available April 25, 2013.

    Dagger Contour Ergo Outfitting System: Available now, Dagger’s new Contour Ergo Outfitting System offers enhanced safety features, unparalleled comfort and easy adjustability across Dagger’s product line. One of the more notable safety-based enhancements to the Dagger whitewater outfitting system is the reinforced bulkhead footbrace system. Acting much like a toe strap binding on a snowboard, the toe cup system expands up and outward to fill the gaps that a foot could formerly have slipped through, preventing the paddler’s feet from pushing past the bulkhead in the result of a heavy impact. The rails are also reinforced and foot padding is included for customization and improved comfort and safety. Adjustment parts are tethered to prevent loss.

    Dagger has also added a ratcheting leg lifter that helps the paddler cinch into the boat to the desired level of comfort and security. A comfortable, ergonomic design, the leg lifter system also provides more usable, easily accessible storage space, providing up to three inches in elevation through the easy ratchet adjustment controls.

    The seating in both the play and creeker models include fuller, more comfortable cockpit padding, a seat booster pad for ultimate customization, and several inches (3” in the creek seat, 4” in the play seat) of fore and aft seat adjustment with an intuitive control system. Quick-release, adjustable hip pads provide additional comfort and control. The backband has also been re-engineered for greater functionality and easier access to ample storage space behind the seat.

    Creeker Seat

    Several features in the Contour Ergo Outfitting System are unique to the creeker model. The rotomolded tank-style creek seat is stiffer and more durable, making it more effective in preventing entrapment. This also allows more efficient transfer of energy from the paddler to the kayak. An evolution of a Dagger original innovation, we’ve also redesigned the step-out wall to be stiffer, more durable, and more ergonomic with an easy-grip handle, making shoulder carrying easier and the step-out motion more efficient if required. The creeker system also has an added storage tray that increases storage space while adding additional hull structure to the boat.

    Play Seat

    Additional adjustments that are unique to the play outfitting include a refined quick-reference indexing system that allows on-the-fly adjustment and gives the paddler up to four inches of fore and aft adjustment.

    Image courtesy Dagger

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