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    Insotect Flow Adopted by Brooks Range for Cloak Sleeping Bags

    Insotect Ltd. is pleased to announce that the company’s Insotect Flow insulation system will be officially adopted by Brooks Range beginning in 2013. Brooks Range will carry the Insotect Flow insulation system as an integrated component within their Cloak sleeping bag line up which includes the Cloak 15, Cloak 30 & Cloak 45.

    The adoption of Insotect Flow by Brooks Range reflects Insotect’s expanding presence as a major ingredient component in coveted outdoor gear. Insotect Flow has quickly gained broad adoption as a staple feature within leading edge sleeping bags. The Cloak Sleeping Bag is designed as a minimalist, lightweight sleeping system which offers a superior weight-to-warmth ratio with the use of 850 fill down that has been treated with DownTek water-resistant, anti-bacterial technology.

    Insotect Flow is an evolution in sleeping bag construction; combining the presence of vertical thermal channels (VTCs) with Insotect’s proprietary FlowGates. By utilizing vertical channels instead of horizontal ones, the number of total channels is decreased and thus overall material weight is reduced. The vertical orientation helps facilitate heat distribution more readily from head to toe which is an advantage over traditional side to side horizontal channels. The FlowGates are placed along the vertical thermal channels to hold the down insulation in place, minimizing down-shifting.

    “We are extremely pleased to be working with Brooks Range in and through 2013 on a bag of this caliber. It’s always exciting to see Insotect Flow provide opportunities for both companies to collaborate on bringing great product solutions to market.” – Irvin Vale Akopov, Insotect Brand Manager.

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