Video: Check Out National Geographic's Adventurer of the Year Nominees

    Each year, National Geographic seeks out the human beings that push back the boundaries of our world. The public then votes on who will be named "Adventurer of the Year." Voting is open now, and the adventurer with the most votes on January 16 wins.

    This year National Geographic has nominated:
    <li>Renan Ozturk: American artist, climber, and film maker chosen for his outstanding outdoor films and contributions to climbing.</li>
    <li>Felix Baumgartner: Austrian BASE jumper chosen for his record setting 23.5 mile sky dive and becoming the first human to break the sound barrier during a free fall.</li>
    <li>David Lama:  Austrian climber chosen for becoming the first human to free climb Cerro Torre, between Argentina and Chile, and considered by many to be a more challenging climb than Everest in some regards.</li>
    <li>Mike Libecki: American explorer chosen for his pursuit of the most remote places on Earth</li>
    <li>Shannon Galpin: American humanitarian and mountain biker chosen for her street art exhibition “Streets of Afghanistan.”</li>
    <li>Steve Fisher: South African kayaker chosen for becoming (all long with his team) the first humans to kayak the Congo River’s Inga Rapids— the largest rapids in the world.</li>
    <li>Josh Dueck: Paraplegic, Canadian skier chosen for becoming the first paraplegic skier to complete a back flip and other contributions to skiing.</li>
    <li>Jeremy Jones: American snowboarder chosen for his contributions to snowboarding as explores the some of the most remote and challenging mountain ranges in the world.</li>
    <li>Ramon Navarro: Chilean surfer and conservationist chosen for completing “one of the best barrel rides of all time.”</li>
    <li>Lizzy Hawker: British ultrarunner chosen for winning the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, one of the most difficult and respected races, for the fifth time.</li>

    You can vote for your adventurer of the year <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.

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