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    Video: Extreme Downhill Cycling Through a Treacherous Bolivian Mountain City

    Winning the highest urban downhill race is no small feat. For the third time, the Descenso del Condor was held in the Bolivian city of La Paz, infamous for its treacherous roads.

    Yet, if Slovakian champion rider Filip Polc believes it was a hard run, he surely didn’t make it seem so. Second place finisher Yannick Wende told those gathered after the race, “It is a very technical race, and the most dangerous and difficult that I have ever raced.”

    Not only do riders have to deal with hairpin twists and turns, bumps and staged obstacles in the race, they must do it all while experiencing a dramatic drop in elevation. The 1.6 kilometer (approx. 1 mile) race begins at 4,050 meters (13,287 feet) above sea level and ends at 3,600 meters (11,811 feet).


    Image screenshot of video by Filip Polc on youtube

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