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    Video: Great Lakes Surfing That Only Comes Around Once-in-a-Hurricane

    Lake Michigan isn’t typically a popular place to go surfing, but following Hurricane Sandy’s landfall on the continental United States, it was a surfer’s paradise–albeit a bit cold. The Midwest’s Great Lakes were documented at near-record heights on Tuesday, with the middle of Lake Michigan experiencing 20-foot waves–just missing the all-time record of 23 feet documented during a strong storm from Canada last year.

    While cargo ships and other vessels were taken off the lake and secured, surfers took advantage of the situation. The only thing they had to sacrifice for some epic waves was some body warmth.

    That same Tuesday, Josh Tyron headed out to the frigid beach to film some rare Lake Michigan surfing. He recorded this video with a Sony FS700 Picture Profile 5 camera off the coast of Holland, Michigan.

    Lake Michigan Surf from Josh Tyron on Vimeo.

    Image screenshot of video by Josh Tyron on vimeo

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