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    Pulsar Introduces Challenger GS1+4.5×60 Night Vision Monocular

    The Challenger GS 4.5×60 Night Vision Monocular uses the latest in night vision technology, CF-Super Gen 1+ image intensification. CF-Super technology provides edge-to-edge image clarity and increased resolution. An ultra durable housing with a compact, ergonomic, lightweight body style, makes this monocular a prime choice for tactical operators. Complete with a built in IR illuminator, this compact and lightweight unit yields itself well to surveillance capabilities and nighttime hunting/spotting. Not only is it ideal for hunters, but nighttime bird watchers, personal security and surveillance users will find benefit in this unit.

    The new CF-Super technology has remarkable clarity, and is a vast improvement over Gen 1 intensifiers,” said Jonathan Horton, product development manager.

    “With the advantages of CF-Super technology, edge-to-edge image clarity and increased resolution, combined with high magnification, one superior image is created.”

    With an IP65 rating, the Challenger is water and dust resistant, making it an effective tool for night operations in any environment. The unit provides a maximum human detection range of 220 yards and features an accessory mount that allows for an additional IR flashlight to be attached, providing increased visibility. The unit has a 72 hour battery life without use of IR, making it the ideal monocular for nighttime hunters and operators.

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