High-tech, Low-cost Dryer and Deodorizer for Smelly, Wet Boots

    The drying and deodorizing electronic shoe insert produced by French company Sidas Sport has been marketed to a number of demographics. The fact of the matter is, the insert, called the Drywarmer, is not restricted to just one industry.

    The Drywarmer is a high-tech device for drying your shoes from the inside. Two inserts that look like futuristic computer mice are placed inside the wet and potentially smelly shoe. The Drywarmer must be plugged in to an electrical outlet to work and when switched on, it warms to a temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 Celsius), while emitting UV light at the same time. The warm temperature dries the shoe, while the UV light acts as an antibacterial agent. Similar to UV water purification systems, the light kills the bacteria that favor the damp conditions of your wet shoe.

    Sidas markets the product toward winter sports enthusiasts–namely, skiers and snowboarders. The British magazine Grough suggests that the Drywarmer is good for everyday use as a resident of notoriously soggy Great Britain, while we at Outdoor Hub see its benefit for hunters and hikers who go out into damp weather, or walk through puddles/bog during a day hunt or hike. The only downfall is that the inserts are not portable. An electrical outlet is necessary to power it, meaning it would still be good for the hunter who comes home from the rain at night.

    The Drywarmer sells for $30 to $35 in the United States.

    Image courtesy of Sidas Sport

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