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    Ride above the Waves on Jetovator, Attachable Jet Pack Bike Accessory

    The season for water sports adventures may be ending in most parts of North America, but here’s something to think about (and save for) when the next season rolls around. Similar to existing jet pack technology, The Jetovator is a jet pack bike accessory that attaches to your personal water craft (PWC). It doesn’t come with its own power source, but it can be attached to a PWC that you already own. As you can imagine, it looks incredibly fun to ride.


    It can power you up to 30 feet above the water, or send you 10 feet below the surface. For $8,975, The Jetovator is a heck of a lot better deal than JetLev R200 which is going for nearly $100,000, although we’re not exactly comparing apples to oranges here. Jetlev R200 is a jet pack backpack that supplies its own power source and does not need to attach to a PWC to function.

    For the price tag, The Jetovator comes with an aluminum tubular frame; fiberglass street-bike style body; upholstered and padded seat, knee pads and face shield; PWC adapter and hose mount for Seadoo, Yamaha or Kawasaki PWCs; a hose and instruction manual. Find out more on their website, www.jetovator.com.

    Image screenshot of video by jetavation1 on youtube

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