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    North Dakota Game and Fish Says Check for ANS when Removing Structures

    The North Dakota Game and Fish Department requests local entities and water recreationists to monitor for new aquatic nuisance species infestations when pulling and storing fishing piers, boat docks and lifts prior to ice up.

    Fred Ryckman, ANS coordinator, said it is especially important to look for zebra mussels. “Zebra mussels will attach to hard surfaces,” Ryckman said. “Inspecting these types of structures provides a good opportunity to determine if mussels may be present in the respective water body.”

    To date, adult zebra mussels have not been found in any North Dakota waters.

    If mussels are found, citizens are requested to leave the suspicious mussel attached, take a digital picture, and report findings immediately to a local Game and Fish Department district office.

    Pictures of zebra mussels are available on the 100th Meridian Initiative website at 100thmeridian.org/.

    Logo courtesy North Dakota Game and Fish Department

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