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    Campion Announces Marine Industry Game Changer

    Campion Marine Inc and Biltmore Marine Industries LLC are pleased to announce today what they believe is a “game changer” for the marine industry. Campion Marine has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement to build the Biltmore Fibertoon Boats.

    Brock Elliott, President of Campion Marine says “that many will initially ask; what is a Fibertoon?” “The Campion built Biltmore is a pontoon boat like no other our industry has ever seen or experienced! The patent protected boat with its tri pontoon hull is produced entirely of composite materials including the side walls, helm, seating bases and so much more than ever offered before. Once these Fibertoon boats enter the market, get into Dealerships and Boat Shows throughout the World, we are most confident the boating consumer is going to respond with great delight.”

    Anthony Kalil, Designer of the Biltmore Fibertoon, says “that the advancement of composite construction has finally reached the point where costs, performance, styling, maintenance and function are more advantageous than aluminum. The Biltmore Fibertoon will introduce pontoon buyers to features, luxuries, water sports, and performance never dreamed attainable with the traditional aluminum construction. We believe that the design of this pontoon boat will rock the fastest growing and strongest segment of the boating industry in North America, and create a new genre of boat for the boating consumer.”

    The Biltmore Fibertoon marks an industry first for such a product, representing a true “game changer” by offering the highest luxury to this market segment and surpassing the expectations of the aluminium pontoon buyer with innovative features and benefits unique to the Biltmore Fibertoon.

    This transaction and announcement have been one year in the making and we are today pleased to announce Campion Marine is going into full development and production of the Biltmore Fibertoon utilizing Campion’s award winning GREEN technology and procedures, immediately!

    Logo courtesy Campion

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