West Virginia's Kanawha State Forest 75th Anniversary Weekend Events Sept. 21-22

    Kanawha State Forest in Charleston turns 75 years old on Friday, September 21, 2012, and the public is invited to help celebrate with several special outdoors activities over the weekend. All activities begin at the forest office.
    <h2>Friday, September 21</h2>
    <strong>9 a.m. – Trees and Migrants Hike – KSF Anniversary</strong><strong></strong>

    Hike for some basic tree identification in preparation for fall as well as some migrant songbird ID. Hike or walk for 30 minutes on Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. at the forest and get a 75th Anniversary pin at the Kanawha State Forest office!

    <strong>5:30 p.m. – Make a Snake </strong>

    Learn about West Virginia snake species and how to identify the state’s only two venomous species. Learn what makes a snake a snake, how to make a snake, and then design a snake of your own!
    <h2>Saturday, September 22</h2>
    <strong>9 a.m. – Songbird Safari – Young People for Parks </strong>

    <strong>            </strong>Migrate from the office to the barn to begin the search for September migrants. Easy walking near the barn, then hiking beyond the barn for the second leg of the program. Anticipate roughly two hours for then entire program.

    <strong>12:30 p.m. – Take Flight </strong>

    <strong>            </strong>Meet at the office and migrate to the field across from the archery range. Learn how to fly like a turkey vulture, learn the wingspan of a bald eagle, and find out some of the best places to view these large raptors.

    <strong>5 p.m. – Wildlife Watching Dare </strong>

    Help set up a camouflaged blind and watch carefully for an up-close glimpse of some wildlife at Kanawha State Forest. Learn great skills for future wildlife watching! Wear long pants and boots/tennis shoes for the hike to the location.

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