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    Mariners Learning System Launches “Captain in a Box” Series of Captain’s License Education Courses

    Mariners Learning System, a leading provider of online Captain’s License education courses, has announced the release of a new line of courseware aptly named “Captain in a Box.” This innovative product is built on the Mariners Learning System™ business model of providing “Knowledge and Knowhow… Anytime, Anywhere.” In addition to online access to award-winning interactive software, the new Captain in a Box product also provides students with study guides, checklists, charts, plotting tools, mobile applications, and more. It contains everything a student needs to successfully navigate the Captain’s License process wrapped up in an all-inclusive “box.”

    “When I was first exposed to the captain’s licensing process myself I was shocked at the procedure and lack of a single resource to help me through the process,” said Captain Robert Figular, President of Mariners Learning System™. “That propelled me to create a better, more knowledge-based experience for others who wanted to earn their captain’s license. ‘Captain in a Box’ is the next step, the end result of running a Coast Guard approved licensing school for 10 years and training more than 25,000 online students.”

    Currently, there are two versions of the “Captain in a Box” training system. One prepares students for the OUPV/Six-pack license program. The second provides the resources needed to obtain the 25/50/100 Ton Master License. Students can access courses in their living room or on the go with cutting-edge technology that is available on a MAC, PC, smart phone, iPad, or tablet.

    “Captain in a Box” is now available at Amazon.com and other online retail partners, in addition to the Mariners Learning System online store located at www.marinerslearningsystem.com.

    Image courtesy Mariners Learning System

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