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    Conveniently Prevent Holding Tank Smells with Toss-Ins

    RVers sensitive to dyes and fragrance or those who prefer a non-formaldehyde holding tank deodorant can comfortably use Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Thetford Marine’s Eco-Smart Free & Clear Holding Tank Liquid Deodorant.  Now, the new Free & Clear Toss-Ins provide even more convenience.

    This 12-Dose Pack of rapid-dissolve packets prevents spills and prevents messes.  Ideal for both portable and permanent heads, the 100% biodegradable formula provides superior odor control and waste digestion.  Offering all-temperature odor control, Eco-Smart Free & Clear Toss-Ins give RV owners maximum performance with minimal effort.

    Image courtesy Martin Flory Group/Theford

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