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    RAMP Revolutionizes Ski Design with Rapid Prototyping

    Skis from the drawing board to the slopes in 24 hours

    RAMP Sports is now able to take new ski designs from the drawing board to the slopes in 24 hours. RAMP’s proprietary, patent pending vacuum-molding system enables the company to create prototypes of new designs almost instantly and allow the company to actually test, on-snow, countless combinations of sidecuts, widths, and materials over the course of a Park City winter.

    “We’re like kids in a candy factory!” says CEO and Founder of RAMP Sports Mike Kiltchenstein. “The potential to test so many different ski designs in such a short timeframe is almost overwhelming. This new system of rapid prototyping allows us to test endless variations on a design, until we get the skis just right, and then we can start production right away.”

    After years of working with traditional ski production methods, Kilchenstein and his team identified an opportunity. Liberating technology from the Aeronautics industry, RAMP began working on a then-untested method of ski production, which would allow the company to create new shapes, use new materials and test the product on-snow before releasing it to the consumer, do it all in the U.S., and do it almost as fast as the production team could dream it.

    “What it boils down to is we can take a design from the drawing board to the slopes in 24 hours,” continued Kilchenstein. “No other company can do that. We have to be tight-lipped about our secrets. No more questions, thanks.”

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