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    Try Out ChaletManager Free of Charge

    ChaletManager is free to new users from September 1 to December 1 2012

    ChaletManager is the complete way to manage ski resort accommodation and chalet operations. Bookings, transfers and invoicing is all taken care of, allowing more time to focus on whatever else needs doing; looking after clients, marketing the business or maybe even getting out on the slopes.

    For a three month period, ChaletManager is available free of charge to trial for new users. Tour operators can start using ChaletManager to effectively run their bookings program – if they are happy then once the trial period ends they can sign up to the monthly payment program.

    For any tour operator, the ability to access every client booking in one place is essential. Many small to medium size businesses simply could not implement a system as sophisticated as ChaletManager, but because it has been designed specifically for resort operators, it already provides the perfect fit. ChaletManager doesn’t only work through the winter, the same functions are available for the whole year and can perform exactly the same tasks during the busy summer months.

    ChaletManager is an easy, comprehensive and ready to use solution that can quickly organise all bookings into one single application. One of the key features allows guests to access their own booking whenever they like, which means they don’t have to contact the provider to check their holiday details. You can access ChaletManager easily and view exactly the same data from multiple locations at the same time, for example a café in France and an office in the UK. Purchasing extra equipment is not required, other than having use of any web browser on a PC, laptop or suitable mobile device. Payment is on a monthly basis and starts from £69.

    Core Facts

    • ChaletManager costs from £69.00 a month.
    • All your data is only accessible to you and is transmitted over secure SSL.
    • You don’t need any specific training to start using ChaletManager immediately.
    • ChaletManager is continually improved and updated and you always have the latest version.
    • Contacting ChaletManager is easy and full support is available.
    • Manage your business from anywhere including on mobile devices.
    • View the ChaletManager video tour.
    • Further information about ChaletManager can be found online.

    Image courtesy ChaletManager

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