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    Video: Koala Fearlessly Jumps Aboard a Canoe

    I learned two things from watching this video:

    1. Koalas’ claws are much bigger than I realized.
    2. Koalas are not shy.

    In fact, I’m not sure how much truth the second statement holds for all Koalas, but the one in the video below surely did not have inhibitions when it came to a canoe-full of humans.

    A group of canoeists on Australia’s Gold Coast got the surprise of their life when this little marsupial decided he wanted to get in on the fun (and in the canoe). The BBC posted this same video to their website quoting an expert’s opinion for why the koala might have jumped in the canoe: “…The animal might have felt trapped on a tidal bank in Tallebudgera Creek and decided the canoe was its best way to escape.”


    Image from Taz (sporkist) on the flickr Creative Commons

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