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    Video: Utahans Catch Flash Flood on Camera near Zion National Park

    Residents of Virgin, Utah, just a few short miles outside of Zion National Park witnessed a flash flood surging down the mountainside right behind their backyards as a result of heavy rain miles away. Luckily, it did not reach their houses, but the video shows how scary and powerful a flash flood is. View the onslaught of the muddy water as it carries forest debris and entire trees down through the gorge. Truly, this is a force not to be reckoned with.

    Unfortunately, flash floods like these have claimed the lives of many hikers and residents alike, but with quick reaction severe injuries may be avoided. Just days ago, a couple hiking together through Forest Falls, California got caught in a flash flood. They and a number of other stranded hikers were able to be rescued alive with no reported injuries.

    Image from David~O on the flickr Creative Commons

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