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    RAMP Sports Announces Production of “Bullet-resistant” Skis

    RAMP Sports is excited to announce its Winter 2012/13 line of handmade skis, which will feature a performance enhancing layer of Kevlar for supreme vibration dampening. Continuing its track record of cutting-edge innovation, RAMP is the first ski company to use Kevlar throughout its entire line of expert/advanced skis.

    While the skis may not be truly bullet-resistant, Kevlar increases the performance of the ski through drastically increased vibration dampening. Kevlar is perfectly suited for skis, at 5 times stronger than steel but at a fraction of the weight. It also resists stretching, creating greater rebound energy when the ski flexes.  The result is an incredibly responsive, playful, mid-weight ski.

    “Kevlar offers many benefits not available with traditional fiberglass construction,” said CEO and Founder of RAMP Sports Mike Kilchenstein. “Kevlar has an impressive strength to weight ratio, while still maintaining great flexibility. Our testing tells us it’s well worth our additional cost to make skis that really make people happy, day in and day out.”

    Factory Tech Evan Howard agrees, “the Kevlar really brings these skis to the next level. The vibration absorption is through the roof!”

    Models with Kevlar:

    Kapow (169cm,179cm,189cm)
    Peacepipe (169cm,179cm,189cm)
    Cork (141cm, 151cm, 161cm, 171cm, 176cm,181cm)
    Groundhog (159cm,169cm,179cm,189cm)
    Woodpecker (159cm,169cm,179cm,189cm)
    Beaver (159cm,169cm,179cm)
    Chickadee (149cm, 159cm,169cm,179cm)

    Available now at and select retailers

    Image courtesy of Terra PR

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