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    Jackson Kayak Unveils Three New Fishing Models

    Jackson Kayak will formally unveil three new fishing models at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Jackson Kayak’s new Cuda 12, Kilroy and SUPerFISHal boats were designed and manufactured at the company’s factory in Sparta, Tenn., and will be on full display throughout the expo.

    The new boats are an addition to Jackson Kayak’s highly successful Coosa, ‘Cuda and Big Tuna that helped make the kayak manufacturer number one in the fishing market according to Leisure Trend’s Q1 sales report.

    “The 2013 season is primed to be another groundbreaking year for Jackson Kayak,”    said Eric Jackson, president of Jackson Kayak. “Our lineup has never been this strong and it’s only fitting in our 10th season of doing business we pull out all of the stops.  We are not only doubling our fishing product offering, but adding SUP as a new category.”

    For the latest line of boats, Jackson Kayak called upon its team of highly experienced users and designers who provided innovative insight and expertise. Pro kayak angler Drew Gregory, SUP guru Ken Hoeve, along with designers Tony Lee, Scott Henderson, Joe Walton, Jim Jackson and product manager Damon Bungard helped to deliver smart, feature-rich boats for enthusiast in the burgeoning kayak fishing market.

    For 2013, all Jackson Kayak fishing boats will come standard with mounting locations for GoPro cameras and equipped with RAM fishing accessories.

    Cuda 12 – The Cuda 12 is a shorter, lighter and more compact version of the original Cuda 14, which makes it better suited for the kayak angler wanting a smaller, more portable version of the original Cuda 14.  It’s versatile for use in smaller or larger bodies of water, and easier to manage by smaller paddlers. The boat still maintains all of the deck features of the Cuda 14, including the most popular hi/lo seating, clever rod and tackle storage, and the rod tip protector.  The Cuda 12 will retail for $1,199 (with rudder $1,399) and measures 12-foot-4 inches long, 30 inches wide and 14 inches high.  The boat weighs 65 pounds.

    “The Cuda 12 is probably Jackson Kayak’s most versatile fishing vessel,” Gregory said.  “If you fish in all different water types, for a variety of species, this is the boat you’ll be drooling over!  The Cuda 12 is light weight enough to access those hard to reach locations, still wide enough for standing, fast enough for big water, and maintains good maneuverability so it can do damage in mild rivers and smaller bodies of water.”

    Kilroy The Kilroy is a sit-inside fishing kayak design with a molded floor for SOT style features.  It also comes with rod storage on sidewalls and has the same hull as the Cuda 12.  Hi-Lo seating and standing platform are also a part of the boat.  The Kilroy will retail for $1,149 and measures 12-foot-5 inches long, 31 inches wide and 13 inches high. The boat weighs 65 pounds.

    “The Kilroy was designed to bring the best features of our fishing sit-on-tops back into a sit-inside kayak design,” Bungard said.  “Many paddlers, particularly those in colder climates, prefer either the security or shelter of a boat with a cockpit, but don’t want to sacrifice all the deck features of our sit-on-top designs. So, think of the Kilroy as a Cuda 12 with a cockpit, and a bunch of unique features.”

    SUPerFISHal The Fishing SUP was designed with fishing in mind. This SUP is stable, straight tracking and set up for the fishing enthusiast.  Features like screw in technology for accessories, mount points for your favorite gear, cam strap enabled hull and cooler support makes this a unique fishing craft.  The boat will retail for $969 and measures 11-foot-5 inches long, 35.5 inches wide and six inches high.  It weighs 50 pounds.

    “The SUPerFISHal is the quickest and easiest way I have found to get on the water and fishing instantly,” Hoeve said.  “Put it in the water, jump on board and toss your line. Standing up gives the user the advantage to see deeper in the water and the mobility to turn and fight the fish more aggressively. The board’s thickness and width makes it incredibly stable and its deck rigging options serves up limitless gear and accessory potential.  It combines exercise and adventure. Adventursize! Fresh or salt water, It’s a fish slaying SUP.”

    Image courtesy of Hope-Beckham Inc.

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