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    Marudai Corporation Markets Water-Rocket RPG Replica for Summer Afternoons

    File this under wish fulfillment and too much fun for its own good, but Marudai Corporation, Japanese manufacturers of the “bulletproof” iPhone case, have come out with the Pet Bottle Launcher, a model RPG-7 that launches plastic (PET) bottles.

    Clearly intended as a beach and backyard toy, though it may raise a few eyebrows in public, the water-and-air-propelled RPG replica is charged via a bicycle tire pump and operates on a similar principle as a Super Soaker. Water and pressurized air are forced into the bottle projectile, and when this pressure is released through an “exhaust” nozzle, the projectile launches from the RPG tube with a rather potent amount of force. Marudai claims that a half-liter bottle fired at angle of 35 degrees from the tube under roughly 70 pounds of pressure will launch the rocket some 30 meters (nearly 100 feet). Because hand-pumping the bottle to 70psi would undoubtedly be a tiring experience, it seems likely that portable air compressors will be a more popular choice for charging the toy in the future.

    The Pet Bottle Launcher is sold as a parts kit, including pieces to convert a standard water bottle into appropriate rocket form, meaning there’s definitely some assembly required before you’re up and firing. Still, Marudai claims the only tools required for assembly are:

    • Flat-blade screwdriver
    • Scissors or cutter
    • Adhesives for PVC
    • Multi-purpose adhesive
    • Plastic tape
    • Empty plastic bottle (for carbonated beverages)
      Size 1.5 liters

    The entire boxed kit, replete with artwork of scantily clad girls running down the beach with their very own launchers, retails for roughly $360. Individual components can also be purchased as necessary.

    Considering that high-quality plastic replica RPG-7s can run up to $900, and real DEWAT (Deactivated War Trophy) versions and actual firing RPG-7s are rare and much, much more expensive, the Pet Bottle Launcher can give you a fun summer afternoon simulation of the real thing without gutting your pension. Of course, firing .5 to 1.5 liter bottles over a hundred feet can be dangerous, which is why Marudai’s website is filled with safety warnings ranging from how to avoid injuring others (essentially reiterating the three rules of gun safety) and how to prevent accidentally causing car crashes, to staying very far away from airports while using the toy.

    The other drawback? As far as anyone knows, it’s currently only available in Japan, though savvy buyers may be able to find importers willing to ship this delightful oddity to consumers in the western world.

    You can check out the Pet Bottle Launcher on Marudai’s site, but be aware, the entire site is in Japanese.

    Images courtesy Marudai Corporation

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