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    Jackson Lake State Park Closed for Boating Due to Low Water

    Jackson Lake State Park Manager Brad Jackson said Friday that the lake is now closed to boating because the water level in the lake has dropped below the bottom of the boat ramp. The lake will begin to fill again on Nov. 1and will be full in the spring.  The lake will open to boating in the spring as soon as the ice has thawed and hazards are removed.

    The park will remain open all year for camping, wildlife viewing, riding on the OHV track and many other activities.  The annual chili and Dutch oven cook-off will still take place on Sept. 8. To register for the cook-off, please contact Darby Shanks at 970-645-2551.  Hunting ducks from boats this fall will also not be possible because of the inability to launch a boat on the water.

    Logo courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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