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    Insotect Tubic Adopted by Big Agnes for Spring 2013

    Insotect Ltd. is pleased to announce that the company’s Insotect Tubic insulation system will make its debut as part of the Big Agnes sleeping bag product roster in Spring 2013.

    The immediate adoption of Insotect Tubic by Big Agnes reflects a positive step forward for both companies in working together to deliver leading innovation to the outdoor gear market.

    Building on the momentum of previous Insotect insulation systems, Insotect Tubic represents the latest innovation in construction technology for sleeping bags that utilize synthetic fiber-insulation.

    Insotect Tubic combines the presence of two Insotect proprietary technologies; Vertical Thermal Channel (VTC) and DualVault into one complete vertically baffled insulation system. This system allows a pair of arched insulation fibers to run unobstructed from head to toe while supporting the integrity of the insulations arched form.

    This unique construction method traps more air than conventional systems by increasing vertical loft (from body to the outside environment) and horizontal loft (from head to toe) which in turn enhances heat retention. The additional loft combined with the exceptional resiliency of the arched insulation fibers subsequently provides a degree of extra cushioning against rough outdoor contours.

    Insotect is also pleased to be able to include Pinneco Core – developed by Pinneco Research Ltd. – as the ingredient fiber insulation for Insotect Tubic.

    “We are thrilled with the level of interest Insotect Tubic has garnered since its introduction and we are very excited to have Big Agnes as our exclusive distributor for the launch of this product. We expect this to be another significant stepping stone for both companies moving forward.” – Irvin Vale Akopov, Brand Manager.

    Insotect Tubic will be incorporated into four new Big Agnes bags available in Spring 2013: the Shoestring SL 15°F, Beeler Gulch, the Betty SL and the Gem Lake SL.

    Logo courtesy of Insotect Ltd.

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