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    Jet Packs: the Next Big Thing in Water Sports?

    When you envision a “jet pack”, one might picture flying through the sky with a rocket strapped to your back. Although that would be amazing, it’s somewhat unrealistic…or is it?


    When I was 14 years old, I watched James Bond fly a jetpack in the movie ‘Thunderball,’ and have dreamed of flying one ever since. However, after decades of patient waiting, jetpack technology didn’t get any closer to mainstreaming personal flight… so I decided to invent a machine that would.” -Raymond Li inventor of the JetLev (used in the video above).

    While Raymond Li may have realized his dream, the price point on the JetLev R200 might keep it an ethereal curiosity for most of us. If you’d like to make this dream come true for you, it will cost you $99,500.

    Thankfully there are a few companies like Water Jetpack Adventure in Arizona that will let you spend some time soaring above the water without sinking your bank account. Prices for spending time with thier JetLevs start out at around $125.

    Image is a screenshot courtesy HavasuJetpack on youtube

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