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    Super Rope Cinch Knot Tying Device Making Splash as Sea Scouts Fundraising Tool

    Sea Scouts now selling Super Rope Cinch

    Just Right Products LLC’s Super Rope Cinch knot-tying device has gained distribution by the Sea Scouts, a division of the Boy Scouts of America. Nearly 500,000 Sea Scout troops will have the option to sell the patented Super Rope Cinch device to raise money to help pay for boating and camping supplies. The Sea Scouts have been using the Super Rope Cinch since May 2012 to secure boats, emergency watercraft, tents and cargo since it is 100% waterproof. This will be the first time the Boy Scouts of America and Sea Scouts have sold a product that fits so closely with their mission and purpose.

    The nearly 500,000 registered Sea Scouts now have the opportunity to sell the Super Rope Cinch, and in-turn, earn a nice profit to help pay for boating and camping travel and supplies. The Super Rope Cinch seems to be a good fit for fundraising with the Sea Scouts and Boy Scouts of America because securing boats, tents and cargo is so closely tied to every scout’s activities.


    The Super Rope Cinch offers the Boy Scouts of America and the Sea Scouts many advantages over popcorn for fundraising due to the fact that it is non-perishable, and can be sold on-the-spot, vs. taking orders and having to deliver purchased goods to their customers at a later date. Up until now, the Sea Scouts and Boy Scouts of America have not had the tools to earn cash quickly. As one Southwest Florida scoutmaster pointed out, “the Super Rope Cinch presents a great value at under five dollars, and the scouts use the device for securing hundreds of things. Everyone should own at least two Super Rope Cinch’s.”

    Just Right Products LLC was invited to attend the Boy Scouts of America National Meeting in May 2012 by the BSA’s president, Mark Moshier. According to Drew Bourke, vice president of Just Right Products LLC, “The Super Rope Cinch was an instant success at the BSA National Meeting. We were told over and over again that the Super Rope Cinch was the must see item at the show. We brought over five hundred samples, and ran out in less than two days. Along with feedback from BSA troops, councils and executives, we’ve created an easy-to-follow, high-margin sales and fundraising campaign exclusive to the Boy Scouts and Sea Scouts of America. This campaign will allow every Boy Scout and Sea Scout troop member the ability to earn unlimited funds to help pay for travel, events, camp, and supplies. Who better to sell a device that helps people secure rope without having to tie and untie knots than the Boy Scouts and Sea Scouts of America? We could not be more excited. The Sea Scouts and Boy Scouts of America have been a pleasure to work with.”

    Image courtesy Just Right Products

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