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    Surfing Out of Bounds: Blind Surfer Perseveres Against the Odds

    If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t have what it takes to accomplish your dreams, take a moment to learn a thing or two about Derek Rabelo.

    Rabelo has never actually seen a wave. He was born completely blind in Brazil on May 25, 1992. Two years ago he took up surfing and began to act upon a prayer his father said while Rabelo was still in the womb— that his son would become a famous surfer.

    Now Rabelo has surfed 15 foot waves with legendary surfers like Kelly Slater and judging by the attention he has received, that prayer has become a reality.

    The following video tells the story of how Rabelo showed up in Hawii earlier this year and made an impression on one group of surfers there.


    The following is part of new documentary on Rabelo called Beyond Sight, The Derek Rabelo Story.

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