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    Sierra Designs Clarifies Sleeping Bag Performance Claims, Goes All-in with EN Test Ratings

    Sierra Designs, leading innovator of outdoor gear and apparel since 1965, is clarifying sleeping bag temperature ratings by forgoing the traditional rating system in favor of far more accurate EN-tested temperature ratings.

    Traditionally, sleeping bags are given an approximate, round-number temperature rating based on several possible criteria, including actual test results, anecdotal evidence, and go-to-market strategy.  EN testing allows exact comfort ratings to be established for men’s and women’s mummy-style, above zero degree bags and Sierra Designs will, whenever possible, use this system throughout the line.

    “EN testing gives us the ability to determine exactly how warm any sleeping bag will be, and we’ve made the decision to use this more exact number whenever possible,” said Michael Glavin, Vice President for Sierra Designs.  “It seems a bit disingenuous to rate a sleeping bag at 20° when EN test results provide an exact rating of 18° or 23°, for example.  We want to make sure anyone buying a Sierra Designs sleeping bag will know exactly how well it will perform.”

    Sierra Designs newest, 800-fill DriDown sleeping bags will be among the first bags to feature EN test ratings.  The men’s Cal 6°, Cal 13°, and Cal 30° along with the women’s Clo 18° and Clo 25° will debut at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show this August with retail availability scheduled for spring 2013.

    The EN 13537 test is a standardized, scientific test method for identifying the true temperature rating of any hooded sleeping bag rated to 0-degrees or higher.  Based on extensive studies to determine how much insulation is required to keep a person warm and comfortable through the night, this testing method is very accurate at evaluating how well a bag will perform for both men and women.

    EN testing verifies that women sleep colder than men, requiring more insulation to keep warm in in the same overnight conditions.  Sierra Designs uses this information, along with EN test results, to ensure all of our women’s bags are insulated a rated appropriately for a warm and comfortable night’s sleep.

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