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    Rock Climbing Insurance Protects International Travelers in Search of Adventure

    HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC releases a new webpage exploring the thrill of international adventure travel and highlighting the importance of insurance coverage if you are at risk for a rock climbing injury while abroad. With the addition of extreme sports coverage to their Atlas Travel Health Insurance plans, HCCMIS invites travelers to learn more about rock climbing and make it a part of their next trip overseas.

    The webpage is part of a greater content release that offers travelers a look at some of the new extreme sports that are covered under Atlas Travel Health Insurance plans. Covering such exotic activities as skydiving and swimming with manatees, the new Sports Travel Insurance content campaign is targeting students, thrill seekers and travelers looking to cross once-in-a-lifetime experiences off their bucket lists.

    “We want to reach out to the biggest thrill seekers out there and let them know that there is more to rock climbing safety than carabiners and rope,” said Mark Carney, CEO of HCCMIS. “With a travel health insurance policy that covers rock climbing, you can climb easy knowing that you are insured against potential hospital bills in the event of a climbing accident.” The extreme sports coverage now included with Atlas Travel Health Insurance plans is an affordable way to cover gaps in insurance while on international trips.

    The rock climbing insurance webpage works to educate travelers on the need for comprehensive travel medical coverage and also explores some of the most popular styles of rock climbing.

    More information about HCCMIS, Atlas Travel Health Insurance and the new rock climbing insurance webpage is available at

    Image courtesy HCCMIS HCC Medical Insurance Services

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