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    New Ibex Video Series Stars the Keepers of the Sheep

    Quality wool starts with the ranchers who raise their sheep – who care deeply about animal welfare and implement environmentally sustainable practices. Ibex Outdoor Clothing is launching a new video series that celebrates its ranchers and honors them as the original stewards of the land and the ultimate beginning of Ibex’s supply chain.

    The first video in the series, The Foundation of Ibex sets the stage as an overview of four New Zealand sheep ranches from which Ibex gets 85-percent of its Merino wool including all of its 17.5 micron, 18.5 micron and 21 micron clip.

    The videos take viewers to the verdant hills of New Zealand and shows four families taking pride in their life’s work, which entails nothing less than stewardship and world-class quality.

    “This is a story that hasn’t been told; and plain and simply, without our farmers Ibex would not exist,” said John Fernsell, co-founder and CEO, Ibex. “Relationships with all of our suppliers is critically important to us and I’m proud that this video series is able to show our customers how devoted these ranchers are to their sheep and their land. Ultimately that pride translates to the supremely high quality products we produce.”

    To see additional videos from Ibex, check out the Ibex Outdoor Clothing channel on Vimeo.

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