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    Ranger Boats’ Z520 Comanche and Z119 Named to Best Buy List in Consumers Digest Magazine

    In the July / August issue of Consumers Digest magazine, the publication’s editorial staff unveils their much-anticipated list of “Best Buys” in the marine industry. Ranger was honored with two selections, for the Z520 Comanche and Z119, and was the only marine manufacturer with multiple awards in the powerboat category.

    Consumers Digest extolled the performance and construction features of both selections as well as their overall value when compared to other boats in their class.   The Z520 in particular was a repeat selection, reinforcing the legacy of what’s quickly become the most popular tournament boat of the modern era.

    “The Z520 Comanche is a repeat Best Buy selection because it delivers the best value among powerboats that are designed for serious bass fishers,” wrote Consumers Digest editorial staff in their review of the 2012 model.  “And many of its features…are rare finds in bass boats at any price.”

    The Ranger Z119 was praised in similar fashion.  “This model’s extruded and heated transom construction, suspension seats and tandem axle, swing tongue trailer are examples of features that you typically can’t get in this price range.”


    Image courtesy Ranger Boats

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