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    Kayakers Can Depend on This Durable Hand Pump

    Helping kayakers stay afloat, Beckson Marine’s Kayak Pump is designed specifically with paddlers in mind.  An upgraded version of its popular Canoe Pump, the Kayak Pump includes a reinforcing shaft.  This keeps the shaft from flexing in a rolling sea, but won’t affect a compass.

    Constructed from non-corroding polyvinyl, this nearly indestructible pump is manufactured in the USA.  Measuring 18″ in length and 1-3/4″ in diameter, it can pump up to eight gallons of water a minute.  Incredibly handy and effective, it pumps easily enough for kids to use.

    Beckson Marine’s Kayak Pump has a suggested retail price of $32.  An optional red or yellow Float Sleeve is available to keep the pump afloat in case it’s dropped overboard.  A hose can be added for extended discharge and mounting clips are sold separately.

    For over 55 years, Beckson has manufactured plastic hand pumps in the USA.  The family of pumps has grown to include models that siphon and diaphragm action pumps.  Beckson Coast Guard approved pumps are in use commercially and in the military.  The company has a reputation worldwide for trouble-free service.

    Image courtesy of Martin Flory Group

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