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    Endangered Species Act De-Myth-Ified: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Pacific Region Launches New Educational Web Widget

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    Today, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service?s Pacific Region launched its new web ?widget? called ?Endangered Species Act De-MYTH-ified.? In an effort to educate the public on endangered species issues in a dynamic way, this owl?s eye widget will present one ESA myth each week and rebut it with facts. In addition to general ESA information, the widget will
    feature information about the Pacific Region?s threatened and endangered species. This week?s myths and facts focus on regional pollinators in honor of National Pollinator week.

    Endangered Species Act De-MYTH-ified? can be found at: Just click on the icon to read the latest myth, or click on the link below the icon for information on installing the widget on your own site.

    To have full impact as an educational and interactive tool, this widget needs to be shared. This widget, like others, is an internet tool that allows users to transfer the icon (an owl in this case) and associated information to their own websites, where it will be updated with new information every time the ?home? site provides an update. Those who pick up this widget will receive a new ESA myth each week and the facts to rebut it.

    To add a widget, you must be able to edit your Web page. If you need help in adding a widget to your Web page, please contact your Webmaster or service provider.

    Image courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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