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    Sierra Designs Zissou 15 Sleeping Bag Wins National Geographic Adventure ‘Gear of the Year’ Award

    The gear experts at National Geographic Adventure have named the Sierra Designs Zissou 15 sleeping bag as a Spring/Summer 2012 Gear of the Year award winner.  Insulated with the game-changing DriDown hydrophobic insulation, the Zissou 15 stood out due to its ability to stay dry longer, loft better, and dry faster than sleeping bags insulated with untreated down.

    National Geographic Adventure selected this innovative sleeping bag because “down is a near-perfect insulation—perfect except for the way it stops insulating once it gets wet. That’s one reason synthetic sleeping bags are so popular in damp climes (we’re talking to you, Olympic National Park), and it’s why the new Zissou 15 sleeping bag from Sierra Designs is being heralded as the next big thing.”

    “National Geographic Adventure is an authoritative voice on outdoor adventure, destinations, personalities, and the equipment that makes the outdoor lifestyle possible.  This Gear of the Year award is a fantastic recognition for the Zissou 15 and DriDown, our newest technology,” said Sue Timbo, Sierra Designs Marketing Director.  “We’re beyond excited about the award and look forward to spreading the word about DriDown.”

    Please visit the National Geographic Adventure website for complete coverage of the award-winning Zissou 15.

    DriDown is regular down treated with a molecular level polymer that creates a hydrophobic finish on each individual down plume.  As a result, DriDown stays dry 7 times longer than untreated down, retains 34% more loft than untreated down when exposed to moisture and humidity, and dries 33% faster than untreated down for a dryer, warmer, more comfortable night’s sleep.


    Image courtesy Sierra Designs

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