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    New Kayak Fishing Video by Fly Fish America Features Ultimate Stand-Up Fishing Kayak

    Award-Winning Freedom Hawk ’14 Pathfinder Fishing Kayak Demo Featured on YouTube.

    When it comes to kayak fishing, Fly Fish America ranks the Freedom Hawk ’14 Pathfinder as the best fishing kayak on the market. In a new YouTube video, the magazine features the boat in a demonstration with Freedom Hawk President David Hadden.

    “We are delighted that Fly Fish America wanted to feature the benefits of our new open water design elements in a video,” said Hadden. “For example, we added extra volume in the bow and made it more upswept, which keeps anglers dry and safe when fishing in three to four foot seas. We also added a splash rail that prevents water from coming up over the bow and into the boat.”

    While Freedom Hawk fishing kayaks have garnered industry recognition for stand-up kayaking, the Pathfinder is ideal for sit down fishing in rough seas and offers an upgrade in seat comfort and support. In addition, the kayak offers an in-line position safety feature that affords greater efficiency, easier poling and motoring, and does not push water in the y-position.

    “Another unique benefit of the Pathfinder’s bow design is a tray-like rack system that holds fishing rods,” added Hadden. “Some folks use the center tray to hold a gun during duck hunting season.”

    The Pathfinder is manufactured in the United States with marine-grade, saltwater corrosion-proof materials. A kayak motor mount is also available that allows anglers to modify their kayak into a motorized fishing vessel. For more information and visuals.


    Images courtesy Freedom Hawk Kayaks

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