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    Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is This Week’s National Park Getaway

    This week the National Park Getaway heads to the coast of southeast Alaska for a bit of wilderness adventure and Ice Age reflection.

    Glacier Bay, famous for tidewater glaciers, whale watching and wildlife viewing opportunities, is the southern and primary coastal component of a 25-million acre World Heritage Site.  At Glacier Bay, lofty peaks, rock-strewn valleys, and deep fjords show scars of glacial activity and mark the advances and retreats of glaciers dating back thousands of years.

    The park contains prime habitat for humpback, orca and minke whales, harbor seals, Steller sea lions, brown and black bear, moose and colonial seabirds. All five species of Pacific salmon are among the almost 200 species of fish believed to inhabit park waters.

    Glacier Bay is an impressive place for exploration and inspiration. Immerse yourself in its coastal wonders by reading this week’s National Park Getaway at

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