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    Video: 14-Year-Old Slackliner Takes Title at the Teva Summer Mountain Games

    The Teva Mountain Games is the largest celebration of adventure sports, music, and the mountain lifestyle in the world.

    Every year professional and amateur outdoor adventure athletes compete in a host of adventure sports ranging from stand up paddle sprints, to road cycling, and mountain sports like slacklining.

    However, it’s not every year that a 14-year-old kid like Alex Mason from California swipes the slacklining title from the biggest names in the sport – names like Gappai Osug, “Sketchy” Andy Lewis, and reigning world champ Michael Payton— most of which are at least a decade older than Mason.

    Check out this video of the final round to see how Mason pulled it off.


    photo: screenshot from StephenKasica via

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