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    Thrillophilia Publishes its List of 50 Best Treks in Himalayas

    When it comes to Himalayas, people’s knowledge is limited to the Mount Everest climb or trek to basecamp, Annapurna circuit or Markha valley. However, there is more to the 3,500 km long Himalayan range, which spreads across four different countries viz. India, Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan, apart from Tibet. Waking up people to the other peaks and trekking trails of Himalayas is Thrillophilia – an India based company dedicated to adventure travel in India.

    Thrillophilia has come out with the list of 50 best treks in the Himalayas as part of its initiative to inform the general public of enormous adventure opportunities in India. The list consists of best trekking trails of Himalayas, not limited to Himalayan treks in Indiaalone. It contains a carefully researched list of Himalayan treks in Ladakh, as well as those in neighboring areas such as Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet and Bhutan.

    If Abhishek Daga, Co-founder Thrillophilia, is to be believed, this list is just one of the many initiatives by the company to make adventure travel in India more popular and more accessible. According to Daga, “We are a company dedicated to giving people an offbeat experience of India. These days people are looking for something different than the usual in the form of weekend getaways and trekking trips. A lot of people want to travel to adventure destinations and unexplored places in India. Sadly, it’s quite difficult to find relevant information on adventure tourism in India. The lack of information in the field is what we are addressing by coming out with such lists of the best in India.”

    The claims of Daga are backed by some of the most recent lists which Thrillophilia came out with. It came out with the list of 101 adventure activities to do in India, which consisted of everything, from wildlife in Kerala to trekking in Sikkim, adventures in the Western part of India etc. And then there was the list of 50 best camps in India, which again received a good response from the intended audience.

    When asked about the vision of Thrillophilia for the next 5-10 years, Daga said, “We want people to know the adventurous side of India which has been hitherto less explored. At present, the audience of this sector is pretty niche. However, we are very sure that if we keep giving awesome India experiences and keep informing our audience base about the best available out there, that niche audience base will definitely increase. In fact, we have observed an increase in interest among corporate people who are looking for more adventurous options for team outings.”

    Well, whether that comes to be true or not remains to be seen. For now, though, Thrillophilia looks like an organization you could trust when it comes to adventure travel and getaways in India.

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