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    Updated Prop Wizard 3.0 Works Like Magic

    Prop Wizard 3.0 | ActionHub

    Because there are so many variables when choosing a propeller, the process can be confusing.  The updated Prop Wizard 3.0 online selection guide created by Turning Point Propellers is not only easy to use, but fun.

    Available at www.turningpointpropellers.com, Prop Wizard 3.0 features a video tour guide who walks users through the short, 3-question prop selection process.  Highlighted fields clearly indicate which information needs to be supplied, step by step.  Pull-down menus and autocomplete fields speed the process.

    Boat owners start by selecting their engine make, model and year.  They choose whether they seek a stainless steel or aluminum prop, the number of blades, and rotation.  Video links next to each of these parameters help explain the differences among the choices.

    Next, owners select their boat model, a process which is now 30% faster and more accurate than previous Prop Wizard versions.  An autocomplete field simplifies finding the exact boat model.  A unique aspect of Prop Wizard is a pop-up weight calculator for additional equipment, which enables a more accurate propeller pitch calculation.

    Prop Wizard then calculates all this data and reports the appropriate selection of Turning Point propellers to the boater, including the required hub and pitch for the application.  Displayed results even include images of packaging to make shopping easy.

    Prop selection results can be emailed, and users can opt to have results reviewed by a Turning Point Propellers expert to evaluate the information.  Beyond the Prop Wizard, the company’s website assists boat owners through a Q&A section and educational articles.

    Dealers can easily reap the benefits of adding Prop Wizard 3.0 to their website.  They can also set up Turning Point’s shopping cart for simple online sales.  Dealer Services gives access to sales and marketing materials such as POP displays to download.

    For research purposes, dealers can analyze their own logs of prop selection results of people who used Prop Wizard on their site.  In addition, Turning Point can provide an annual summary to help dealers see what products are most sought or recommended.

    Turning Point has been engineering, manufacturing and marketing high-performance, pleasure craft aluminum and stainless steel propellers for more than 15 years.  Its innovative products are available worldwide through an extensive family of dealers and retail outlets, which can be found on the “Find a Dealer” section of www.turningpointpropellers.com.

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