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    Video: Scotsman Kayaks 1,100 Miles Solo from Vancouver to Alaska

    Before taking on a 1,100 mile solo kayak trip from Vancouver to Alaska, exuberant Scotsman Danny Wilks had some kayaking experience.

    Well… three kayaking experiences, one of which Wilks called a “near death experience.” What’s more those three trips were spread out over a fifteen year period.

    So why did he do it? “I always wanted to go to Alaska but flying or driving seemed to be cheating so when I found out about the inside passage the idea was born in about January of that year.” Said Wilks in Yukon Adventure Magazine. “The plan was always to go alone, something about being alone in the wilderness appealed to me. I refused the advice of friends to take a “spot” device or radio as again it seemed like cheating. I had seen a documentary about a Scotsman trying to live in the wilderness a few years back and he ended up crying a lot and hitting a button to get rescued about a month into it! That wasn’t going to be me!”

    Here is a short teaser video for Wilks’ feature length film (over 2 hours) which you can find beneath the teaser.


    The full length diary is below, as described by Wilks: “A video diary of my solo kayak trip from Vancouver to Alaska, with no real kayaking experience maps printed of google maps a two buck compass and a fishing rod.”



    photo: screenshot from dannyami via youtube.com

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