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    Keep Your Gear Dry with SeaLife’s Moisture Muncher Packets and Capsules

    Being certain that your expensive electronics and camera gear will remain dry and completely operational when enjoying outdoor activities has always been a major challenge-that is, until now. With SeaLife Moisture Muncher Drying Agent packets and capsules, moisture can be quickly and easily removed from the containers that hold your valuables to prevent fogging, mildew and corrosion, saving you the heartache of equipment failure that leads to product replacement or, even worse, losing irreplaceable images on a camera.

    Moisture Muncher packets are conveniently small, measuring 3 inches by 5 inches with a thickness of just a quarter of an inch, and they weigh one ounce. They are very easy to use; simply place a Moisture Muncher packet inside an airtight storage case, container or resealable plastic bag along with your personal items you want to keep dry. The area inside the container will quickly become a moisture-free zone. Each time the container is opened, the moisture level may rise, but when closed again, the Moisture Muncher Drying Agents go to work to remove any moisture that entered the container. The more you open the container in humid environments, the harder the Moisture Muncher will work.

    The capsules work to remove moisture in smaller enclosures. Measuring 1 5/8 in length and 5/16 in diameter, each capsule weighs less than a gram. The capsules are for use inside of underwater camera housings and other small, sealed containers and dry boxes.

    Each Moisture Muncher can absorb up to 20 percent of its own weight in water vapor. Starting out blue in color, the Moisture Muncher crystals turn pink as they absorb moisture. Once they are completely pink, you’ll have a visual indicator that they are at maximum moisture capacity and need to be replaced.

    The one-ounce Moisture Muncher packets come in a resealable package of three, and the capsules are available in a resealable package of 10. It is recommended that a one-ounce package be used for every cubic foot of container space. You can use more, depending on how well the container is sealed, how often the container is opened, and how high the level of humidity. Any unused portions should be kept in a small, airtight container to keep them fresh.

    There is no excuse not to take along your high-end camera, laptop or any other valuable piece of equipment when you are on the water, near the water, or simply in high-humidity areas. Just be sure to pack your gear inside a sealed container along with a Moisture Muncher, and your valuables will remain high and dry.

    Available at first-rate dive shops and wherever SeaLife Cameras are sold, Moisture Munchers have a suggested retail price of $9.95 for three, one-ounce packs, and $9.95 for a package of ten mini capsules. To find a SeaLife authorized dealer near you, visit www.sealife-cameras.com.

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