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    “Take Five to Stay Alive” this Memorial Day Weekend

    Every year, an average of more than 650 Americans die in boating accidents. National Safe Boating Week, which runs from May 19-May 25 and leads into the Memorial Day weekend, provides us with a timely opportunity to save lives through better preparation.

    “It only takes a few simple precautions to prevent the vast amount of boating tragedies,” says Kerry Moher, Vice President of BOATERexam.com and member of the NASBLA Education Standards Panel. “As part of National Safe Boating Week, we are reminding boaters to take five minutes to put on a lifejacket and review a pre-departure checklist. It’s five minutes that could save your life or that of someone you love.”

    For over eight years, BOATERexam.com has worked with the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) to deliver online safe boating courses that lead to state safety certifications and the responsible use of U.S. waterways. Recent statistics from the U.S. Coast Guard demonstrate the effectiveness of these courses. Over 90% of fatal boating accidents occur on vessels where the operator has not taken a NASBLA-approved safety course.

    “Law enforcement officers will be out patrolling the waters on the Memorial Day weekend,” says Moher. “They will be checking to make sure operators have not been drinking, that the required safety equipment is on board, and that operators have the required boating license or boater education card for their state.”

    Learning how to make sure you are boating legally and that you are prepared for emergencies on the water are part of every NASBLA-approved boating safety course. “After learning how to be prepared, it only takes a few minutes to make sure your family is ready for a safe outing. That is five minutes worth taking,” concludes Moher.

    To find a NASBLA-approved boating safety course for your state, visit www.boaterexam.com/usa.

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