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    Valdez to Whittier: Video of a Family Canoe Expedition in Alaska

    In a ferry, it would take you about three hours to cross the 90 miles of pristine water across the Prince William Sound between Valdez and Whittier, Alaska. But those three monotonous hours on the ferry wouldn’t allow you to explore the nooks of the sound, getting up close to touch glaciers, fishing for your own food, setting up camp in the most beautiful places each night and recording your daughters and wife having the time of their lives. So the Clark family decided to take six weeks of ocean canoeing to make the most of their trip. Even on the down, rainy days, they kept energized and busy. Valdez to Whittier: A Family Canoe Expedition is a film by the father, Dan Clark, in its entirety below.


    • Andrew Bird: The Supine
    • Dan Mangan: About as Helpful…
    • Dan Mangan: Set the Sails
    • Jason Mraz: Lucky

    Photo: Dale Giesbrecht (Daleduro, flickr)

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