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    Film Detailing Life Story of Famous Surfer Josh Kerr Now Complete

    Surf movie director Matt Kleiner has just finished adding the final touches on a film based on the life story of Australia’s most famous aerialist surfer.

    Light: The Natural Agent That Stimulates Sight is a short signature film which features famed surfer Josh Kerr’s collection of unrivaled moves in a way that only an accomplished and talented filmmaker can.

    Kerr, always one to shun the spotlight, is known to compete only when and where he wants, following a creative, free surfing life of his own.

    Light is a unique look at the storied surfer performing amid breathtaking backdrops of resplendent sunsets and postcard-picture-perfect ocean settings.

    Kleiner paints a stellar portrait of Kerr showcasing what he does best without any artificial or altered tricks.

    Kerr is often said not to be a power surfer, but a progressive one, and Light captures him in action.

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