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    Standup Paddleboard Companies Settle Out of Court, Surfrider Gets Unexpected $25,000

    Surfrider Foundation is receiving a donation this week in the amount of $25,000.  The unexpected donation is part of an out of court settlement between legendary surf shaper Jimmy Lewis and Starboard World Ltd and its U.S. Distributors.  The two companies are competitors in the Stand Up Paddleboard market.

    Last month, Maui-based Lewis filed suit in the Seattle Division of Washington Federal Court, alleging that Starboard and its US distributors altered high performance photos of their top rider using a Jimmy Lewis standup paddleboard and repeatedly published these pictures in their catalog and advertisements.

    Under the settlement agreement, Starboard has agreed to pay a $25,000 charitable donation to Surfrider Foundation.  Starboard has also agreed to refrain from using Jimmy Lewis products in any future Starboard advertisements.

    Jimmy Lewis has been shaping surfboards since 1968.  He is famous as one of the earliest paddleboard shapers and his high quality boards are distributed throughout the world.

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