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    Trails Open to Bicycles on Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge in California

    As the seasons change, flowers bloom and the sound of small birds fill wildlife refuge corridors, you may be aching to get out and enjoy the warm weather. You are in luck! Enjoying the outdoors is now easier than ever, since spring brings great news for new recreational opportunities on the Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). Starting this year, refuge entrance roads and designated trails will be open to bicycling from May15 to August 15.  Many of the trails meander through various landscapes including, grasslands, oak savannahs, mixed riparian forests and along the banks of the beautiful Sacramento River. This diversity of habitats provides wonderful opportunities for wildlife viewing, bird watching, and photography.

    In order to prevent unnatural erosion and deterioration of plant life, the following regulations will be enforced. Bicycles will only be allowed on designated trails within several areas (Units) of the Sacramento River NWR. The Units with hiking trails open to bicycles include, Rio Vista, Pine Creek, Capay, Ord Bend, Drumheller Slough, Packer, and Sul Norte.  All bicycles must be pedal driven only. Motorized and electric propelled bikes are not allowed.  Special permits will be required for groups with ten riders or more before the activity occurs.  Bicycles will be permitted from sunrise to sunset.

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