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    PacificHealth Laboratories Signs License Agreement with Body Glove International

     PacificHealth Laboratories, Inc, a leading sports nutrition company, announced the signing of a License Agreement with Body Glove International, one of the foremost brands in water sports and outdoor activities. The License Agreement gives PacificHealth the right to use the Body Glove trademark and intellectual property rights in connection with the design, manufacture, marketing, distribution and sale of a form of PacificHealth’s 2ND SURGE Ultra Energy Gel.

    Fred Duffner, President and CEO of PacificHealth Laboratories, Inc. said, “A major initiative this year is to increase sales of our products among individuals who participate in active sports including rock climbing, skateboarding and surfing.  Many of our products, specifically 2ND SURGE, are ideal for individuals who participate in these activities.  Active sports represent the fastest growing segment in sports participation.  Our new association with Body Glove will help us immeasurably in gaining penetration among this group of consumers.  Body Glove represents an iconic brand that stands for quality and performance, similar attributes of PacificHealth Laboratories’ products.  The Body Glove brand has high recognition and broad scale appeal in the active sports community.”

    Mr. Duffner added, “Our goal is to leverage the Body Glove brand, first in California and then expanding nationally, to grow our brand of caffeinated gel products. These products, with their unique formulation, are ideal for the active sports community. They are light weight, easy to carry and, in multiple studies, have been shown to be very effective in extending muscle endurance and decreasing brain fatigue.”

    Robbie Meistrell, CEO of Body Glove International said, “Among our consumers, the Body Glove brand represents the gold standard for performance. Originally, my dad and my uncle created the wetsuit so surfers and divers could stay in the water longer. Body Glove Surge enables the user to participate in their sport with greater endurance and superior longevity. This model product fits the standard that we have created with our brand. That’s why I am so enthusiastic about our new relationship with PacificHealth Laboratories. Their science-proven products are incomparable in the performance nutrition category.”

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