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    Salamonie Lake Indiana Hosts Hoosier Homestead Gathering, May 5-6

    The Hoosier Homestead Gathering at Salamonie Lake, May 5-6, offers a chance for visitors to escape the digital age and reconnect with the simple life.

    Hoosier Homestead Gathering is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., May 5, and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., May 6, at Salamonie Lake’s interpretive center in Lost Bridge West State Recreation Area.

    The gathering will include lessons from experienced instructors on a variety of skills.

    Saturday’s sessions are chicken butchering, Dutch oven cooking, making egg noodles, growing mushrooms, bread making, raising alpacas and other exotic animals, making and using rain barrels and other re-use tips, keeping and milking goats, raising meat rabbits and beginning gardening.

    Sunday’s sessions are pressure canner gauge testing, hatching and raising chickens, food preservation, making homemade granola bars, leatherworking, raising exotic animals, keeping and milking goats, raising meat rabbits, and identifying edible wild plants.

    A flyer with session times is available at

    Attending Hoosier Homestead Gathering costs $3. The standard property entrance fee of $5 per in-state vehicle and $7 per out-of-state vehicle also applies. Parking is free.

    For more information, contact Upper Wabash Interpretive Services at (260) 468-2127 or [email protected]

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