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    Extracting Oil and Other Fluids From Boats Just Got a Lot Faster and Easier

    Time is money, or saving time means the fun happens sooner. Either way, getting boats repaired quickly is the key. To help, Moeller Marine is introducing two new fluid extractors designed to save time on marine repairs.

    First, Moeller’s rugged new extractors save time through rapid extraction. George Moore of Moeller says, “Mechanics told us that speeding up repairs is more critical than ever. They want to do a good job, but they also want to finish the job and get on to the next boat. So our engineers redesigned the pump so that your fluid is gone in 15 pumps or less.” The new pump is so innovative that it received patent protection.

    “Also, no time is lost in dealing with power. The hand pump is extremely efficient, so there is no need for air or electric. Just pump and go,” adds Moore.

    “To speed you up even more, Moeller’s extractors will pull warm or cold oil,” according to Moore. “No more waiting for temperature to change before you can begin work. With our unique push-pull siphon action you can pull cold 90- weight oil out of an engine in seconds. And another cause of lost time, cleaning up spills from overflow, is now a thing of the past. You get an automatic internal shut-off that prevents messes, especially those hard to clean bilge spills.”

    Kit Rehm, Moeller’s Marketing Vice President adds, “The extractors are also high capacity. They are available in 7.0 and 5.0 liters, so you spend less time emptying the extractors.”

    “And once you’re finished,” according to Rehm, “we’ve simplified removal of the extracted oil with our new manual 3/4 turn pressure relief valve.” A lot of good thinking went into the redesign of our fluid extractors.”

    Earnie Cook, Director of Product Development and Engineering, reiterates the importance of good design. “The new ergonomic design means the extractor is much easier to work with then before. Also making it easier to use is the oversize swivel handle ” Cook says. “And we have added a soft hasp feature for easy storage of the siphon hoses.”

    Moeller Marine’s fluid extractors are very durable, made of a rugged high impact plastic. To stabilize the extractor during use, the units come with two plastic feet that are easily folded up for compact storage.

    Moeller’s Fluid Extractors tackle the toughest jobs with ease. Ideal for all forms of fluid extractions, these units will even remove stagnant bilge water typically located in those hard-to-reach areas. Moeller Fluid Extractors also work well in non-marine applications including lawn and garden, agriculture, RVs and ATVs.

    The complete 7.0 and 5.0 liter extraction kits include three extraction tubes for fluid withdrawal, a tethered cap and easy-to-use instructions.

    For more information about Moeller fluid extractors, contact your dealer or Moeller Marine.

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