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    RV Insurance Provider Announces New Specialty RV Coverage

    RV Insurance Professionals reminds RV and Travel Trailer owners to review their current RV policies to ensure that they have the best coverage available in the marketplace. “Many RV Owners still buy their RV Insurance policies with traditional Auto Insurance companies, many of whom do not provide specialized RV coverage”, stated Derek Kartchner, with specialty insurance provider RV Insurance Professionals, a division of International Insurance Group, Inc. (

    Some of the specialty RV Insurance coverage options now provided by include:

    Agreed value coverage: removes the questions that may occur at the time of a loss by locking in the value of the RV or Travel trailer at the time of insurance purchase. To qualify an appraisal of the unit must be provided.

    Attached Accessories coverage: protects accessories that may be attached to the RV or travel trailer. This may include items such as awnings, satellite dishes, and television antennas.

    Diminishing Deductibles coverage: decreases the deductible year over year until it reaches zero. This coverage is an excellent option for those with safe driving records.

    Full Timers coverage: works much like personal liability coverage on a homeowner’s policy and provides broad liability coverage for those who are full time RVers. In addition, on the property side, coverage for stored personal contents, and additional living expense coverage is available with full-timers RV insurance coverage.

    Guaranteed loss replacement coverage: an important coverage that protects against depreciation. If the RV is older than 5 years, and has a total loss, then the purchase price of the unit will be paid.

    Mexico physical damage coverage: extends the territory on an RV or Travel Trailer policy to include coverage in Mexico for comprehensive and collision.

    Purchase Price Protection coverage: guarantees reimbursement of the entire purchase price of the RV or travel trailer in the event of a total loss.

    Personal Property Replacement Cost coverage: provides for replacement without regard to depreciation for personal effects in the RV .

    Towing and Labor coverage: provides assistance in the event of an RV breakdown. Services such as battery jumpstarts, fuel delivery, flat tire change, locksmith service, winching and towing for mechanical or electrical breakdown are available.

    The RV Insurance Professionals encourage RV and Travel Trailer owners to review their current policies to determine if these coverage options are included.

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